I founded my office in 1998. Currently, I am supported by Dr. Iglói Ildikó Szandra articled clerk, Pavlóczki-Budai Piroska law assistant and Szigetiné dr. Takács Veronika cooperative lawyer.

Having an international clientele our law office provides full legal service, as well as services on auditing and real estate through its partners for its customers in Hungarian and German. According to the provisions of XI. Act (Lawyers’ Act) of 1998 we represent our customers in and out of court, we provide them with legal advice, produce contracts, documents and other petitions and do all kinds of activities that we are entitled to under the auspices of the Lawyers’ Act.

The clientele of the Law Office in Sopron is primarily made up of private persons, small and middle-sized companies, and besides that we are the legal representative of several Austrian banks in Hungary on a continuous basis, where we assist in managing cross-border loans.

ügyvéd Sopron

Under the leadership of Dr. Tamás Tóka our team of lawyers and other specialists has acquired good reputation among our customers by acting as trustworthy partners. Our target is to provide our customers with full and customized legal services within short administration deadlines. The team of the lawyers and advisors of the Law Office is chosen in accordance with the specific needs of our customers.

We put great emphasis on avoiding waiting time, so all customers are welcome and encouraged to make an appointment in advance.

Our office is well equipped with all technical appliances, softwares and possesses access to databeses that can be relevant to do legal business in a secure, sophisticated, cost-saving and rapid way. With our high-level IT background we have built online connection to databases of company and land registry offices as well.